Length 95 min.
Aspect Ratio 1:1,85
Language English
Production Status in postproduction / acquisition of worldsales
Producer European Motion Pictures
Executive producer gute filme switzerland

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“Killing woods” is a horror/thriller in the vein of “blair witch project”, “shining” and “wolf creek”.

Two American college girls go for a hiking tour through the Caucasian mountains. One wants to have fun, the other likes to reach the sea and do miles. After a silly dispute and a daring naked swim in a beautiful mountain lake, the fun one disappears. The other has to understand that she is left alone in the middle of a territory known as the “killing woods”. They ignored all warnings given by the locals, simply because they didn’t take any effort to understand them.

The young woman has to overcome more than her prejudice trying to find her kidnapped friend and survive a sexual motivated manhunt through the mysterious black woods of the Caucasian mountains.

Who is good and, and who is evil?

Whom can you trust, if you don’t understand a word? Is your will stronger than your body, can you face the most dangerous and do the most terrible, if you know that your live is in danger?

Set in the deserted wilderness of the Caucasian mountains not only cultural differences clash, when two American college girls loose track on their hiking adventure. This story takes two Western world girls to an archaic society based on rules and regulations far from our imagination. Where Christianity mingles with Islam, ancient family clans control entire regions.

The lead characters provide perfect protagonists for a horror roller coaster ride trough the primal fears of most of us.
Dark woods, screaming nights, wild animals, archaic men, perverted desires, violence and sexuality.

(WGA / VDA and Wollf &Partner registered. Any copyright violation will be prosecuted.)

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