Length 100 min.
Aspect Ratio 1:1,85
Material Super35_4k
Language English
Production Status 45% financed / acquisition of worldsales
Producer European Motion Pictures
Executive producer t.b.a
Cast Udo Kier

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STRUWWELPETER is a horror/thriller in the vein of "Seven", "Saw", "Psycho" and "Scream". Based on the sadistic nursery-rhymes of Heinrich Hoffmann.The original “Der Struwwelpeter” is a children’s book known by millions of people worldwide as a morality tale created to frighten children into proper behavior. This story takes the old sadistic tales and applies them in a contemporary setting, telling a modern tale of torture and punishment.

The lead characters (Udo Kier) provide perfect protagonists for a gruesome horror poem, told in rhymes. The supporting cast provides a great source for victims and suspects, creating visual poetry with the taste of European inquisition.

(WGA / VDA and Wollf & Partner registered. Any copyright violation will be prosecuted.)

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