Length 95 min.
Aspect Ratio 1:1,85
Language English
Production Status in postproduction / acquisition of worldsales
Producer European Motion Pictures
Executive producer gute filme switzerland

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Singing turns Screaming. Desire becomes Humilation. Adventure turns into a Nightmare.

Amy and Sophie, two young American aid workers loose track on their hiking trip through the mysterious Caucasian mountains. Suddenly their map ends. They trespass an area that doesn’t seem to exist. Completely cut off from the rest of the world. No telephone, no roads, just a gigantic mountain range. In this world of archaic men and rituals a madman strikes terror into peoples heart. He kidnaps girls. He kidnaps girls that in his opinion are stained with guilt. Fallen angels.

Sophie seems to be a perfect match. Her daring naked swim in a lake starts it all. The madman abducts Sophie to a former secret Soviet laboratory. His breeding station. Here he tries to reeducate his victims from fallen girls to innocent angels. In the most brutish ways he tries to break Sophie’s will. Since he needs to completely possess her body and her will in order to form her according to his twisted plans. He wants Sophie to be happy to be with him. He wants to breed the best a man can posses:

He wants to breed the perfect girl. He is the breeder.

Can Amy find her friend before The Breeder’s experiments succeed? Amy has to overcome more than her anxiety trying to find her kidnapped friend and survive a sexual motivated manhunt. A horrifying thriller unfolds as the protagonists have to face the ultimate madness of The Breeder.

(WGA / VDA and Wollf &Partner registered. Any copyright violation will be prosecuted.)

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