Born and raised in southern Germany, Till Hastreiter currently lives and works in Berlin and Cologne. He started his film studies at Prague’s film school and then graduates from the Budapest International Film School in 1997, both as a director and cinematographer.
In 1998 he establishes his own Swiss production company GUTE FILME, trough that he directs and produces award winning international commercials till this day.
His first full-length feature film „STATUS YO!“ was the audience’s favorite at the Berlin Film Festival in 2004 and keeps winning prizes at festivals all around the world. Praised by the press as „stroke of genius“, the film was shown theatrically in Europe and was released on DVD by Sony Europe in September 2006.

At present, Hastreiter is in pre-production of his first two English language feature films, slated for 2007. Besides he supervises the content development for a Swiss private equity film fond and also teaches „low budget film making“ in third world countries for the German Cultural Institute, GOETHE.

Awards Selection (Director / Producer):

Grand Jury Prize best feature Cuba 2006
Best feature cinematography Cuba 2006
Port Townsend (USA) 2006 best narrative film
International Film Festival Hof 2005 Förderpreis Deutscher Film
Silver Pardino Festival Internazionale Locarno 2003
ITFA Köln - golden pyramid 1999
corporate media 1999 - special jury award
corporate media münchen 1999 - master of excellence

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