Length 90 min.
Aspect Ratio 1:1,85
Material Super35_4k
Language English
Production Status financing / worldsale attached
Producer European Motion Pictures
Cast Mathis Landwehr

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A High-speed Martial Arts Action Movie. Kung Fu meets Yamakasi powered by Hip Hop.

A high-rise apartment block in a metropolis. Here, the law of the street holds sway. The police gave up on the huge apartment buildings long ago, don’t go near the area at night, take bribes from the ruling gangs. Here, the gangs are the law. One night, a 24 floor high-rise apartment block is taken over by a merciless gang and cut off from the outside world. A case containing a million euros has been stolen from the gangsters. They suspect the thief is in the high-rise.

A beautiful resident is taken hostage, to be traded against the stolen million.

LUKE has to fight up through 24 floors in spectacular fashion, using the skills of the building‘s denizens (skaters, BMXers, freeclimbers, Capoeiristas, Yamakasis) to take out the mobsters and protect the innocent.

(WGA / VDA and Wollf & Partner registered. Any copyright violation will be prosecuted.)

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